26 July 2009

Update Two

I miss everyone loads. Distance makes time seem more severe. It is cold here at night and I want another blanket. I wear leggings and fleece pants, long socks, a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie to bed and it takes awhile for my body heat to fill the covers. The day weather is perfect! Boliva's twin. It was so nice today. Like high 60s, low 70s. Beautiful. And the sky seems bigger here. The clouds have been amazing! I've been taking pictures.
Having 2 dollar coins is weird because I treat it like change. The left side of the road is freaking me out and the roundabouts are not an equal trade for not having stop lights. There are very few stoplights here. But a roundabout every mile or two.
I took it easy this morning. Got up around 830. I made breakfast – oatmeal – and some chai tea in my new coffee cup. I ate outside on our balcony in the sun. Then I cleaned up my room and finished some paper work for the apartments – a thing I had to fill out about the state of my room. I had to comment on where marks were on walls and carpets and how the bathroom was. This is to ensure that when your stay is over your room is in the same condition so your bond can be refunded. So I was super anal about it and commented on absolutely everything so they couldn’t blame me for anything. I also commented on how dirty my room was when I got there and I asked for half of my bond to be refunded because my room was not in acceptable condition. We’ll see how that goes. Pray for favor. I did it respectfully but said, my room was not in good condition and I don’t think it is right for me to pay a bond to ensure I keep my room in good condition when I didn’t receive it in good condition. Hopefully they will agree and give me some money back.
I went for a walk on campus to see where all the buildings are so I will be more familiar with the campus for orientation which begins Monday. I’ve decided to take everyone’s advice and not worry.  I am here for school and will accomplish that. I will keep the main thing the main thing. I will find a job and be perfectly at peace at all times in Jesus’ name! The campus is so nice. All the buildings are really modern architecturally. It’s funny how similar Australia is with South America as far as climate and geography. It reminds me so much of Bolivia. I saw like five or six kangaroos just hanging out on campus. They were basically right in front of me just wandering around. Like squirrels but big and more dangerous and cooler. Ha! I also swung by the bookstore on campus and the book list for classes was listed. I only need 3 books! Two of my classes do not require textbooks. There will probably be online readings – said my roommate Ashlie. Then when I got back to my room and got online to check out my class schedule Ashlie got home and invited me to go with her and some friends to the beach. So I went with her and her three friends – Liselle, Jess, and Jen. We just laid in the sun. I read my book and the girls talked. I don’t plan on spending much time with people during this trip. I want to focus on school and have a job – which won’t leave much time for other things.

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