17 June 2010


Last week I had the pleasure of going to New York City with a close family friend for three days. I had the intention of meeting with some people who are organizing an award ceremony in honor of Canon Andrew White in October. I planned on seeing the venue and finding out as much as I could about what to expect in October and in order to plan some sort of luncheon or fund raising event for the Foundation of Relief and Reconciliation. It was really wonderful to spend an entire day walking the streets of Manhattan. Central Park may be one of the most peaceful, Heavenly places on Earth! It was lovely. The Apple store on 5th Avenue had Christina Aguilera just outside giving a concert for NBC. H&M was also a treat! I got to go in FAO Schwarz toy store and take pictures of almost every inch of the amazing wonderland! I tried sushi for the first time, ate yummy Indian food, and got to see my cousin after about four years! It was a really great time and I love NYC! I made some wonderful connections for the future. Though I have been worrying about the outcome and progress of my visa application and still being here, I have been able to rest in the timing and plan of the Lord. I know there are reasons why I am still here, NYC is one of them. Having extra time with my family, Melanie, and Aaron. The Lord is so good and always has our best in mind. All we have to do is submit to the perfect plan He has. Sometimes it is not that easy but sometimes we are able to submit and fall deeply into the perfect arms of the Father. Those are happy days.