26 July 2009

Update Three

Today I went to all the information sessions and the BBQ – which consisted of hotdogs on a slice of white bread with barbeque sauce. I had just the hotdog and bread. I am getting so hungry but am trying not to spend money my first week and go from there. In our welcome packet there was a student survival guide shopping list for under $55 a week. I will look at it and make revisions as needed. There were also some cheap recipes that make several servings which can be frozen for lunch or for later. They are all easy recipes that consist of cheap items. So I will probably get some of that stuff at the end of this week. Classes begin Monday but I don’t have a class until Wednesday. Because we have lectures and tutorials, Week one is easy with just the Lectures for each class. Week Two begins the Tutorials. I am taking Marketing, International Politics, Politics and Security in East Asia, and International Law and Human Rights. My schedule for week two and on is Monday 10-11, Wednesday 4-7, Thursday 10-12 & 2-5, and Friday 12-2 & 2-3. USC suggests that students devote 7 hours outside of class to each course. I may not need to spend that much time but I will try to stay a step ahead so I can avoid stressful situations. I went to look at my books in the bookshop – I was looking to spend nearly $200 on three books – not fun. So I went to the library and found all three books that I need and checked them out. Two of my courses do not require textbooks but will most likely include online readings. The library charges students to print – 10 cents per page. That’s kind of dumb – especially when most of the things we need to print are required for our classes. I am still praying for a job. I don’t want to work nights; maybe during the day on Saturdays or Tuesdays – when I don’t have class. From what I hear the going rate is about $10-$13 an hour – which would be marvelous and mean that I wouldn’t need to work very often. I am going to ask Lucy Kerr – the girl from the church – to come with me to the bank near campus to help me set up an account. I am also going to look into a phone plan. I don’t think it is necessary but for emergencies it would be good. I carry around my cellphone for time but could probably dial 000 if I needed to. But in Jesus’ name there will not be any emergencies!
I am going to start on Week 2’s homework for the class that has the syllabus posted online – marketing – and then watch Princess Bride and then go to bed.

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