22 November 2009

One week

So here I am a week from coming home after four and a half months in Australia. It has been adventurous and educational and fun! I've learned alot about God and His plan and His goodness. I feel that I have grown a bit as the woman I am supposed to become. Which is nice. This adventure has surely prepared me for what I know lies ahead and that is a good thing. Studying at USC has been one of the best experiences in my life. Studying with Aussies has been so fun. My favorite would have to be two Aussies in my Asia class who have served in the Middle East in the Navy and Army. They always gave me a hard time about America but in good fun and I liked playing into their sarcasm. It's been a journey I wouldn't trade for anything. I've had to rely solely on the plan of God which shouldn't be hard since it's always perfect. Being here and on my own, away from family and the familiar has really made me trust that plan and know that I'm better for doing so. I've learned how close the Holy Spirit is and how I can accept his leading instead of fighting what I have inside of me - peace, joy, patience, and knowledge. I know they are apart of who I am supposed to be and tapping into those now is much easier. I just tell my flesh to make room. Getting to know my housemate Ashlie has been one of my favorite things. She and I have become pretty good friends. I like talking to her and listening to her, mostly listening though (Ashlie if you read this...:) I love you). She is fun and I will miss her terribly. The kids at Kings have also been champions! Seriously great kids. Really in love with God and totally on fire for His plan. It was an honor being able to do waca and come to rehearsals and really witness excellence in singing and in the musical aspect of worship. These people are so dedicated! They come three hours before service and don't leave till hours after because they are completely dedicated to the service they give to the Lord and His people. Helping with media and singing at Youth and on Firday nights was an absolute blast! Having to cook for myself has been fun. Ashlie and I made a roast lamb and that was astoundingly delicious! I missed Lucky Charms, Panera, Chick fil A, and Zappatas but I can remedy that when I come home. Of course, then I will miss Cadbury. Oh Cadbury chocolate, I shall miss you dearly. You were such a good companion to me in times of need. Thank you. :) But man i am glad to be coming home for Christmas! Yay! And then one more semester at home and then off for another adventure in Petersfield UK in June. Always up for another adventure. Always happy to meet new people and change lives. So, soon I will be home. It's been Good Oz, thanks for the good times. See you again soon!