21 July 2011

Let's Talk about Love

I wrote this a while ago and in two segments but I feel like there are more people who need to read this. Here it is again.

After saying how great it is that Aaron is always clean and nice looking and cares about how he looks a friend said, 'You better hold on to that one. You got a real catch. How did you find such a great guy?'
Well, I'm writing this to tell you. But, mostly this is just about love in general, at least what I've learned about it. And for those of you who knows these things too - aren't they so true? :)
First, I found him in church. Good guys tend to Love God more than anything else, including themselves. If they do, they will not see you as just another girlfriend; they will see you as a treasure, hand-made by God himself. They will understand you are a gift, wrapped in kisses, and shining with joy. If the guy loves God before anyone else, his goal will be to treasure and cherish the beautiful creation you are. From there, the rest comes.
Second, Aaron has a good relationship with his parents. This is a sign of maturity. Sometimes, there are not strong parental figures in a guys life, but if there are, and he is close to them, it also shows he will respect you. He has seen the example his parents lead and will try to treat you well. If there is not this close relationship, don’t give up, but it can be a good sign he’s going to treat you right.
Thirdly, read 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. See how many of those attributes you can see in your guy. Is he kind? Does he keep record of wrong or does he forgive? Is he proud and stuck-up? If you want true love, well here it is in plain English. Using Jesus’ example as a model, you can tell if your guy will treat you the same.
My parents used to tell me, ‘your husband is going to have to walk on water to be good enough for you’ in other words – if he’s not Jesus, he’s just not good enough. Talk to your parents about this guy if you have a close relationship with them. Moms are usually outstanding judges of character. And girls, parents want the BEST OF THE BEST for their princesses. Seriously. They do! They may give you a hard time about a guy, but that is because they want you to marry the best man for you.
I guess, this should probably go at the top of the list, but it will remain here – talk to heavenly Daddy. God made you cell by cell and He knows who you are down to the molecular level. If you are waiting for that special someone, ask God to bring him to you at the right time. There’s no use having a relationship if it’s going to detract from your purpose, destiny, and calling for that time.
Never look for a guy to complete you. And if your guy ever says, ‘you complete me’, either slap him and walk away and never look back, or tell him, ‘I don’t want that pressure. I’d like to be with someone who is complete because of Jesus; I just complement who you are.’ Then smile and hug him.
Now, I'd like to add a bit to this. Fighting. NOT every couple does it. Aaron and I don't fight. We learn from each other and we both accept that we are not the final authority on any one thing. We disagree at times, yes, but we never yell or argue in a demeaning manner. We are never rude to one another. We don't spitefully disagree. We accept that we are on a journey to learn from God and one another together. We understand there will be times that we disagree and will argue. But we both want to live by what the Bible says on this subject - "Make a clean break with all cutting, backbiting, profane talk. Be gentle with one another, sensitive, forgive as quickly and thoroughly as God did." Ephesians 4:31-32 is pretty clear. Don't be mean and rude to each other, even when you disagree. Ask the Lord to guide your arguments. If your goal is to find a solution rather than just being right chances are you will succeed in finding a solution! Peacefully.
Finally, my mom once said, ‘Destiny, never marry a guy you’re not intoxicated with.’ If you don’t love him to the stars and back again, you’re settling. And if he doesn’t love you past the stars and back again three times, you’re settling.
Oh, and last thing, I promise, if he ever says he can’t live without you...walk away. That’s not attractive or romantic. And never tell a guy that. It’s not true, unless you share organs or something and you literally would die without each other.
For those of you who are married to the right, Godly, loving man - share your thoughts too! It's such a help to learn from you and your examples. :)

And I love, love, LOVE that I learn more about love and what it means with each day I am in this amazing relationship with my true beloved.

04 October 2010

The Pursuit

Ah, this fall weather! How beautiful. I have been able to spend an exorbitant amount of time outdoors recently and have enjoyed every moment. I am surprised at what God has been teaching me through it. Though Creation testifies the goodness and glory of God, I seldom take time to listen and recognize it speaking to me. Lately however, I have been making an effort to do exactly that. Listen. Feel. Recognize.

Our backyard is pretty magical right now. There are so many trees and they are full of leaves and happy branches. Sitting outside on the deck as I write this, I can hear the branches swaying peacefully in the breeze. Peace. What an amazing example of trusting the Lord. The trees don't try to stand up against the wind. They don't resist its pushing and pulling. Each tree is made to withstand the everyday movement of the wind. How much more should we be trusting that we have been made to withstand the every day push and pull of this world? We have been equipped with the Word and its bounty of tools. If I could be like a tree and not waver my grounded roots which have been planted solidly in the Word of God, I would be able to face each push and pull with greater ease and peace.

I've been reading today about "The Pursuit of Holiness". Written by Jerry Bridges, this book is taking me deeper into what it means to be holy and how I can strive each day to become more and more so. Today specifically I have read about meditating on the Word so that it can be used as a weapon against temptation for sin. Any sin - complaining, jealousy, sexual immorality, and even stress! Bridges write about being disciplined in the Word. Using the example of a baseball player who has been habituated into an incorrect stance and grip of the bat, Bridges illustrates our need to consciously make an effort to change our bad habits. A disciplined intake of the Word involves planned time. A balanced intake of the Word requires hearing the Word taught by our pastors and teachers, reading the Word ourselves, studying the Scriptures intently, and memorizing key passages.

Bridges beautifully explains meditating using the following steps:
1. What does this passage teach concerning God's will for a holy life?
2. How does my life measure up to that Scripture; specifically where and how do I fall short?
3. What definite steps of action do I need to take to obey?

What simplicity this can be?! Too often we get overwhelmed with the great wealth that is the Bible and we miss the perfect instruction contained within. I am planning to put this method into practice on a daily basis.

Never before have I felt so encouraged in my walk with the Lord. I have felt so much freedom in reading this book. Knowing that Holiness is something very important to God and it doesn't just involve abstinence from sex or pornography. Holiness is a daily walk with God. It is through this holiness that we gain true intimacy with our First Love; without it no one will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14)That's deep. But I'm glad I know that now. I have been more inclined to take mundane choices with greater seriousness and caution knowing that every word and thought play into a holy life before the Lord. But I can do it! I can be holy. By the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus I can be holy just as He is holy.

One way I have been putting what I've learned into practice is through the use of index cards. I write scriptures on them and put them on my wall as a reminder of what the Bible says about my holy walk with Jesus. Memorizing these Scriptures and meditating on what they mean in my life are perfect ways of proliferating a vast cash of weapons to use against temptation! When I recognize sinful thoughts or desires, I know I can consult with my Helper, the HOLY Spirit, and decide, based upon the Scripture stored within, what the correct way forward is. HOLY SPIRIT!!! Yes, this has been one of my favorite revelations in my Pursuit. Jesus sent His Spirit to dwell within us and work holiness in us. Though is is our responsibility to walk out the holiness we seek, we have already been equipped with the very Spirit of HOLINESS. The HOLY Spirit is within me to help me become HOLY!! Who thinks of it that way?!? I didn't until this book changed my understanding.

Bridges was given a formula for "How to Know Right from Wrong" and it looks like this:
* Question 1: Is it helpful - physically, spiritually, and mentally?
* Question 2: Does it bring me under its power; does it control me?
* Question 3: Does it hurt others?
* Question 4: Does it glorify God?

I can think of so many instances where had I taken the time to ask myself even one of the above questions regarding a certain action or thought, I would have chosen a much holier option. I'm not saying this is easy. I know it is a daily discipline. I understand physical discipline.Having a boyfriend who takes "My body is a temple" very seriously, I understand the daily battle involved in making good, healthy choices. I have become more focused on eating healthier and in disciplining my schedule enough to make time for regular exercise. To the right is the Workout Program I am mostly doing (I say mostly because I don't actually workout every day like that suggests). Seeing the effort I put into making my body a good temple, I understand the work it will take to make my Spirit, Heart and Soul a holy temple. But, I can do it! And so can YOU!

I sincerely hope this has encouraged you and has helped you take a closer look at your walk in holiness. It is such a good feeling to know what God wants from me and that I can give it to Him! Wow. Oh Happy Day!!! 

16 August 2010


I leave Wednesday for England finally! It has been a long wait but I believe it will prove well worth it. The Lord has had His hand in all of my plans and the situations surrounding them. I have learned to trust, wait, trust some more, and rest in His arms. There is nothing He cannot do on my behalf. I am ready for new things, new places, and new people. I'll be keeping you updated on my travels and the times I have abroad, so stay tuned. :)

17 June 2010


Last week I had the pleasure of going to New York City with a close family friend for three days. I had the intention of meeting with some people who are organizing an award ceremony in honor of Canon Andrew White in October. I planned on seeing the venue and finding out as much as I could about what to expect in October and in order to plan some sort of luncheon or fund raising event for the Foundation of Relief and Reconciliation. It was really wonderful to spend an entire day walking the streets of Manhattan. Central Park may be one of the most peaceful, Heavenly places on Earth! It was lovely. The Apple store on 5th Avenue had Christina Aguilera just outside giving a concert for NBC. H&M was also a treat! I got to go in FAO Schwarz toy store and take pictures of almost every inch of the amazing wonderland! I tried sushi for the first time, ate yummy Indian food, and got to see my cousin after about four years! It was a really great time and I love NYC! I made some wonderful connections for the future. Though I have been worrying about the outcome and progress of my visa application and still being here, I have been able to rest in the timing and plan of the Lord. I know there are reasons why I am still here, NYC is one of them. Having extra time with my family, Melanie, and Aaron. The Lord is so good and always has our best in mind. All we have to do is submit to the perfect plan He has. Sometimes it is not that easy but sometimes we are able to submit and fall deeply into the perfect arms of the Father. Those are happy days.

28 May 2010


Here I am, the week I was planning to move to England and begin a new adventure....and I am nowhere near being able to leave. Still in need of some documentation from the UK then reapplying for a visa. It's been nice to have time with the man I love and with my best friend and family. Though I am excited to be going to England, meeting new people, and making a difference, it is lovely just being home with my amazing life here. I've been able to rest in the timing of the Lord. God is good.

15 May 2010


What a good book. All about Israel's big time FAILS and their rebellion, sin, outright hatred for God...and then BAM! God's like, "Hey, if you just admit you were wrong, I'll be glad to take you back - My arms are open right here waiting!" At every wrong turn, there He is, waiting, longing for us to just let go of the counterfiet desires we've been seeking. He's calling us constantly to accept teh best He has for us - perfection! What a God. I love Him. Jeremish, though bleak at times, offers me hope that God is always loving and forgiving me. Thank you Jesus.

28 April 2010


blah. Exam week. Lots to do. Finishing up Visa Application and praying it comes back approved try number 1! In Jesus' name. Had a great conference loving on Jesus. Back to writing assignments...

08 April 2010

31 days

In 31 days I will graduate University. Four years have passed seamlessly and I am in awe at the many adventures and wonderful things which have unfolded before me. God has been exceptionally good to me these past four years and I have learned and grown so much. I'm gearing up for a year in the UK as an intern for the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. I am excited to see what else He has in store for me. So, here we go life!

22 November 2009

One week

So here I am a week from coming home after four and a half months in Australia. It has been adventurous and educational and fun! I've learned alot about God and His plan and His goodness. I feel that I have grown a bit as the woman I am supposed to become. Which is nice. This adventure has surely prepared me for what I know lies ahead and that is a good thing. Studying at USC has been one of the best experiences in my life. Studying with Aussies has been so fun. My favorite would have to be two Aussies in my Asia class who have served in the Middle East in the Navy and Army. They always gave me a hard time about America but in good fun and I liked playing into their sarcasm. It's been a journey I wouldn't trade for anything. I've had to rely solely on the plan of God which shouldn't be hard since it's always perfect. Being here and on my own, away from family and the familiar has really made me trust that plan and know that I'm better for doing so. I've learned how close the Holy Spirit is and how I can accept his leading instead of fighting what I have inside of me - peace, joy, patience, and knowledge. I know they are apart of who I am supposed to be and tapping into those now is much easier. I just tell my flesh to make room. Getting to know my housemate Ashlie has been one of my favorite things. She and I have become pretty good friends. I like talking to her and listening to her, mostly listening though (Ashlie if you read this...:) I love you). She is fun and I will miss her terribly. The kids at Kings have also been champions! Seriously great kids. Really in love with God and totally on fire for His plan. It was an honor being able to do waca and come to rehearsals and really witness excellence in singing and in the musical aspect of worship. These people are so dedicated! They come three hours before service and don't leave till hours after because they are completely dedicated to the service they give to the Lord and His people. Helping with media and singing at Youth and on Firday nights was an absolute blast! Having to cook for myself has been fun. Ashlie and I made a roast lamb and that was astoundingly delicious! I missed Lucky Charms, Panera, Chick fil A, and Zappatas but I can remedy that when I come home. Of course, then I will miss Cadbury. Oh Cadbury chocolate, I shall miss you dearly. You were such a good companion to me in times of need. Thank you. :) But man i am glad to be coming home for Christmas! Yay! And then one more semester at home and then off for another adventure in Petersfield UK in June. Always up for another adventure. Always happy to meet new people and change lives. So, soon I will be home. It's been Good Oz, thanks for the good times. See you again soon!

19 October 2009

Two new friends

I went running today later than I usually go in order to miss the sun’s midday wrath. As I ran past one of the workout circuits in the neighbourhood near my apartment, a little boy called out to me, “Hello!” “Hi!” I responded a bit surprised. The child wore a red shirt, board shorts and flip flops; he had been standing on the body curl bench. I stopped and he asked “Are you coming on this thing? It’s for exercise.” “Maybe on the way back ok?” I kept going. I hoped he would still be there after I had finished my run. As I ran back towards the workout circuit and my apartment, I could see his little body hanging from the chin up bar. I stopped to do dips on the bench and he started a conversation with me. Another woman came to the circuit to do some push ups and the boy exclaimed, “There are lots of people here now! I remember you. You were running that way.” “Yes I was. And I said I would come back, and here I am.”
He began to explain all the parts of the circuit and looked at the poster which explains how each part is performed. He told me to do number, ‘ten, eleven TWELVE!! You’re at number twelve.” We proceeded to speak about the different parts of the circuit. I started to do some body curls and he asked what it was called. Then he told me he was “nearly seven.” “Nearly Seven?” “I AM seven.” I moved on to another push up bench but pushed some pine needles out of the way so I wouldn’t slip. He tried helping me with his hand but got poked by them. “Where did all these things come from? What are they? They hurt.” “They are pine needles and they come from that tree right there.” As I was doing some mountain climbers, his brother, Ben rocked up and asked if the younger boy told mom where he was. “Morgan, do you want to go home?” his brother asked. We three began talking about the pine trees in the U.S. and Ben told me they were from Essex England and they had just moved to Sunshine Coast Tuesday. Ben goes to high school next to my uni. The two boys were absolute dolls! I was having so much fun I didn’t want to walk home. Morgan showed me his ‘sports watch’ and told me the time. It was such fun. Those boys made my day! I hope I run into them again.

I miss children. I miss Madison and Emma from the daycare. They bring me such joy.