26 July 2009

Update One

So it is 1pm there and 3am here. :/ I slept well for about six hours. I crashed around 7pm here. There are still people awake and outside. It’s cold too. I need another blanket. But I brought lots of warm pajamas so that is good. There is no ac or heat which is not surprising but not expected. My carpet smells like vanilla bc I bought some carpet cleaner foam spray that disinfects. I also spent about 2 hours scrubbing the walls and floor in the bathroom and the walls in my room and all the shelves and stuff.
My roommates aren’t half bad but one has yet to arrive – not the male though. But the guy is Ben and he is from Germany and he is a nerd majoring in Business. He’s nice and likes his space so I don’t have any weird feelings about him. One of my girl roommates – whose name I have forgotten – is Australian and when I arrived she took Ben and I to Woolworths – the grocery store up the road. Things are a bit more expensive here. I bought toilet paper, spaghetti, sauce, oatmeal, bananas, and eggs. I’m pretty sure I can drink the water so I won’t have to splurge on that. Bottled water is quite expensive here. But the girl roommate said it’s fine and that Germans always make her laugh and spend loads of cash on bottled water when they could just drink from the tap. My girl roommate is into drinking. There were two six packs of coolers and two bottles of Smirnoff on her fridge shelf. I told her I don’t drink. She makes me sad because she is probably the norm of most girls my age but I have only now been exposed to that.
I will send pictures of my room once the sun is up here. I plan on walking about campus tomorrow and calling the church at some point as well. I saw kangaroos! They are right outside my apartment. I will take lots of pictures tomorrow and familiarize myself with the buildings on campus so Orientation will be okay.
Mrs. Z said to read Daniel on the way over here and it helped me a lot. Daniel never freaked out. I don’t think he ever even worried. He was always steadfast in his dedication and trust in God and in God’s ability and desire to prosper Daniel. I need to be that way too. I need to be completely dependent on God and on His desire to prosper His daughter. I trust Him to provide.
I met a woman on my bus ride from the airport who lives in Brisbane but commutes to Sydney every week. She told me a lot about the people and place I’d be staying at and she gave me her contact info and said to get in touch whenever. She is pretty wealthy and is a change manager – she handles multi billion dollar transactions of business. So if a company is spending 200 million on updating some software – she is the one who organizes that update and makes sure everyone in the company is prepared for the change. She is certainly an asset. I will be emailing her soon. I also will be calling the Clarksons tomorrow and the church. The church is right around the corner from the apartments. But I will need to take a bus there or get a ride. I will work all of that out soon.
I am going to head back to bed now and will post pictures soon.

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