19 October 2009

Two new friends

I went running today later than I usually go in order to miss the sun’s midday wrath. As I ran past one of the workout circuits in the neighbourhood near my apartment, a little boy called out to me, “Hello!” “Hi!” I responded a bit surprised. The child wore a red shirt, board shorts and flip flops; he had been standing on the body curl bench. I stopped and he asked “Are you coming on this thing? It’s for exercise.” “Maybe on the way back ok?” I kept going. I hoped he would still be there after I had finished my run. As I ran back towards the workout circuit and my apartment, I could see his little body hanging from the chin up bar. I stopped to do dips on the bench and he started a conversation with me. Another woman came to the circuit to do some push ups and the boy exclaimed, “There are lots of people here now! I remember you. You were running that way.” “Yes I was. And I said I would come back, and here I am.”
He began to explain all the parts of the circuit and looked at the poster which explains how each part is performed. He told me to do number, ‘ten, eleven TWELVE!! You’re at number twelve.” We proceeded to speak about the different parts of the circuit. I started to do some body curls and he asked what it was called. Then he told me he was “nearly seven.” “Nearly Seven?” “I AM seven.” I moved on to another push up bench but pushed some pine needles out of the way so I wouldn’t slip. He tried helping me with his hand but got poked by them. “Where did all these things come from? What are they? They hurt.” “They are pine needles and they come from that tree right there.” As I was doing some mountain climbers, his brother, Ben rocked up and asked if the younger boy told mom where he was. “Morgan, do you want to go home?” his brother asked. We three began talking about the pine trees in the U.S. and Ben told me they were from Essex England and they had just moved to Sunshine Coast Tuesday. Ben goes to high school next to my uni. The two boys were absolute dolls! I was having so much fun I didn’t want to walk home. Morgan showed me his ‘sports watch’ and told me the time. It was such fun. Those boys made my day! I hope I run into them again.

I miss children. I miss Madison and Emma from the daycare. They bring me such joy.

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