03 October 2009

Coolum Kite Festival

Today Jillian, Suzy, and I went to Coolum Beach for the Kite Festival. The beach was really nice and we got to swim by the edge of the coast where there were some cliffs and boulders. Pretty! This week begins Week 9 of the Academic Calendar leaving 4 weeks of classes. My classes seem to be going pretty well. I have heaps of work do right until the end of the semester but am staying ahead. We'll have a week off before exams and that will be much needed for rest and study. The following two weeks will be for exams. I only have 3 this semester which will be nice. This week at Kings is State Conference. I will be singing in choir for the night sessions and doing media on Tuesday afternoon. It's so nice not having to work. I have lots of time to devote to study and helping with Media at Kings. I am currently working on two papers regarding Terrorism and a project for Marketing. The weather has started changing and now it is pretty hot. Not much else has changed. Still loving it Down Under but will be glad to come home to my family and friends. Later!

p.s. check out my Coolum Kite Festival pics in the Oz Two Album. :)

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