08 September 2009

Half Way Through

So this is week 7 and our mid-semester break begins next week. We have a two week break which will be a much needed time of relaxing and reading for leisure. I finished the last of the Time series – An Acceptable Time and it was such a good one! Now I am beginning another series by the same author the Austin Family series. Let’s see. I got a package from the familia full of books and Office DVDs. So the past two weeks have been full of Michael Scott’s ‘funtivities’! Mom sent me Only Love can Make a Miracle, the Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting, and the Hidden Power of Watching and Praying. I asked for these books to be sent for me to give to the pastors here at Kings. September is Miracle Month at Kings and having come from All Nations where Pastor Mahesh ministers in miracles often, I want to be a vessel for the Lord. Kings is very open to the Lord moving and I am excited for the things He decides to do for us here. We have been talking about faith in church and having greater expectancy. It has been encouraging. I have been able to get more into the Word lately and my spirit has truly benefited from that. I am reading Romans at the moment and have been highlighting verses that really speak to me. There are many. I am also putting scriptures on my walls and reading them over myself before bed each night. It get’s me to think about and believe the blessings that God has for me. I would encourage everyone to do the same – write scriptures about prosperity and blessing and declare them over yourself. Bring the blessings to life. Whenever I come against something that is stressful or that worries me, I am able to look around my room and say, ‘No, I am blessed. Relax and rest, God has showered you with blessings.’ It is very helpful.

Last week I was stressing about some school things and instead of staying up till late and working on it and stressing the entire time I just got ready for bed and read Romans and talked to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and fell asleep in such peace around 9:15. I woke up in such a better place. I’ve never really spoken to the Holy Spirit as a separate part of God. I have thanked the Holy Spirit and asked for her help but I hadn’t ever just talked to her about my day. Well, I did that and it was such fun. Pastor Bonnie has likened the Holy Spirit to the female aspect of the Godhead and I like that idea. I have begun treating the Holy Spirit as such and it’s been like having a big sister...who knows everything. I like to talk to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit as if they were right next to me. And thinking about them being with me, physically with me, is so great! It helps adjust the way I act because I know they are watching and cheering me on and encouraging me to do the right things!

I have gotten involved with the worship team here and got to sing in the choir Sunday, which was Father’s Day here. I called my Dad and wished him a happy Australian Father’s Day! That was great. Oh, back to the books – I gave Only Love to Pastor Steve and encouraged him to read it and see what God has shown Pastor Mahesh through Love and Miracles. He thanked me and said he had been following Mahesh and had seen his name here and there. I also gave the Watching and Praying book to Dusty- the youth leader. Once a month the Youth does Midnight Mass after the Friday night meeting. We stay after and pray until midnight. We also eat pizza and pancakes! Yum. I’ve been going to the church to do some video editing as well. I have been working on an Apple Cinema HD Display 30” Flat Panel Mac in Final Cut Pro. is all I can say. I even got to make a short clip about the recent work day they had to ‘spruce’ up the church. I cut a bunch of clips from a captured piece and put it to music and did some transitions. Richie said he’d tweak it a little and upload it to the website. When he does, I’ll put a link to it! It was such fun. I will be greatly equipped when I come home to help with video announcements at ANC – that will be AMAZING!!

I now have 11 weeks left of my time in Australia. Last weekend I went with my housemate and a friend to Brisbane. We went to DFO – a big outlet mall (like Concord Mills) near the airport. We also went to China Town in Brisbane. It was kind of small but I got some good pictures of Brisbane. I will be going back soon though. I also plan on going to an aboriginal market during break too! I have noticed that the workload here is quite different than in the US. Instead of having to write 12-15 page papers, my challenge is two tackle broad subjects in 1,000 words. I just finished an essay on the Importance of China to Asia...It had to be 500 words! I was struggling with my papers but spoke with one of my professors and got some good input so I can improve my grades. I am aiming for ‘high distinction’ in all my subjects. They have a different grading scale which includes HD, Distinction, Credit, Pass, and Fail. Anyways, that’s pretty much the extent of my update. You can always contact me at destiny_el@yahoo.com.

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