06 August 2009

Update - Because Mrs Z. asked

I have settled into classes and am getting the hang of two classrooms for each class – one for 2hr lectures, and a different one for 1hr lectures. Hmmm, there isn’t much to update. I was able to go with Amy to WACA – worship and creative arts – on Tuesday night and will be spending a few Tuesday nights with the team then auditioning and joining the choir and maybe get to do Youth before I leave. I have a feeling I won’t want to leave in November though. I \’d like to transport a long list of people here and live in Australia forever. That would be fine by me. But I have some unfinished business at home and around the world that I will be involved in taking care of so Australia will have to wait for my return. But things are good. Still a bit cold and windy but I am excited for summer to come! I’m used to sleeping with a fan and having the buzzing noise drown out all other sounds but haven’t got one here so my nights are far from restful. I am still waking up to loudy loud birds around 6am who sing me awake until 7am and then leave at which point I am obliged to fall back asleep. I’ve been really getting into prayer more and praying in the spirit more often and getting into the word. I found an Australian New Testament with the outline of Australia on the front and I’ve decided to read it like I’d read any other book – front to back. And I’m highlighting all the passages that I find powerful, funny, odd, or just interesting. I often find when I read with purpose I find more. Profound I know. I’ll put up a picture of the Bible so check out the link to the right of this blog for pictures! I’ve been spending more time with the kids from Kings. Tuesday was Big Night Out – where all the Knect groups come together the first Tuesday of the night and worship together and hear Pastor Steve Penny speak about the focus for the month and reiterate anything the Lord has been speaking to him for the body. After church I went with Ben and Chrissy to McDonalds. We then went to the beach and sat on a big boulder overlooking the ocean and the reflection of the moon and ate our burgers. After climbing some rocks and feeling like I might die if I fall – scary – we went to Lucy, Sam, Brooke, and Lauren’s house to watch High School Musical 3. It was fun times with lots of singing – Little Mermaid mostly.
Now, I am sitting in the apartment alone – it is Uni night at the club downtown and drinks are cheap so kids all head that way for the evening. The tele is on in the lounge room and my door is open because I don’t like to be alone in a house. So voices are good. I am starting work on my oral presentation for next week in International Politics because I decided to get mine out of the way and go first. Overachiever – well trying to be! Ha! Um, let’s see. I miss kids. Just in general I miss children being around. I forgot how much joy they bring me. At WACA the other night there was a 2 yr old boy with his mom and I was making faces at him and making him smile and hide in his mom’s shoulder while we sang. I miss my kids at the daycare! Heaps and Heaps! I hope I get to spend lots of time with kids in my life. They are so very important o me. Being able to positively influence and affect a child is one of the most powerful investments one can make – and most rewarding I think. I am still looking and praying for a job. I’ve been applying at places in the mall and sending my resume but haven’t heard anything yet. The zoo hasn’t gotten back in touch with me either. But Lucy said she would take me to the zoo which would be exciting! I’ve never been to a zoo – and no the Bolivian rain forest doesn’t count as a zoo! Ha ha! I’ve also applied to go to the capital Canberra (CAN-bera) for two days in September for an International Student Roundtable. It is organized and paid for by the Australian government and used as a tool to hear what the experience is for International students in Australia. I am really praying for favor for this. It would be such an honor to play a role in advising the Australian government on ways to improve their system as well as commend the many wonderful things they already are doing. Please pray for favor for this for me! It would be an amazing experience. I would be meeting heads of State such as the Deputy Prime Minister. Go here to find out more about it - http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/Sia/en/RndTblInfo.htm

I was able to speak to my family today on AIM Talk and it was wonderful! JJ's voice is going to be deeper when I come back I think. I miss my sister and brother heaps and heaps! JJ wanted to know about my apartmenT – he emphasized the T at the end! I hope I’ll be able to talk to the kids at the daycare soon! It would be such fun to hear their little voices again. Yay for kids! Australian Idol starts Sunday and I am excited for that.
Not much else to report. My shower leaks and my sink drips so I’ve had to shut my bathroom door when I sleep. But yeah, things are good, God is great , and life on the Sunshine Coast is grand!

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  1. Good to know that your journey is being enjoyed!!!
    Thank you for the update.
    Wonder what voices you would hear with the door closed...."otherdimensional" :) Yahoo!