26 July 2009

Update Five - Kings Church

Kings Church – the best thing that could happen to me here! Oh my! I was moved to tears during worship. It was so amazing to worship with a young group of kids who are truly passionate about God and talented beyond belief. I was blown away by worship. It was great! The drummer is a girl! The lady worship leader has an AMAZING voice! But they are all great and really in love with God. The sermon was preached by a guest pastor – whose name I forget. But he preached on the story of the ten lepers and the value of thank you. He spoke about the one leper who thanked Jesus and that his thank you was counted as faith. The pastor said we should all be more thankful and put real value in that because it connects three realms of time. Past – you a re showing value to the person for something they have done; Present – you acknowledge them and make them feel good now; Future – your thank you empowers and inspires them to act in the future! AH! It was so amazing. But the coolest part was that last week, the home pastor spoke on the same story and no one told the guest speaker about it!
The church has the thing called the 300 miracles. On two walls there are all these really cool looking shields that represent a donation of $5,000 to the building project. And they emphasize that miracles follow the shield of the Lord. It is really cool! They are all about believing in healing. There hasn’t been any hands laid on anyone yet but they said, put your hand up if you need healing. We’re all going to believe for a miracle for you! It was like my spirit was sleeping beauty and Kings was the Prince that kissed it to wake it up. I believe there is another level of glory and passion that I will be stepping into here and I am excited!! I met some really cool people too! The knect leaders – Richie and Rachel – are moving into an apartment and have rented out the rooms of their two houses to some of the young adults at the church. I met all their tenants and I am so excited about spending time with them. Lucy is one of the new tenants and has said that we will be having a good many Disney Princesses Slumber Parties. The best part is that the two houses are a five/ten minute drive from where I live so I will have an abundance of rides to church stuff!! Wahoo! Oh man I am stoked! Life is good on the Sunshine Coast. Miraculous and wonderful. I am really believing God for this job at Australia Zoo! And watching and listening to the Hillsong stuff is doing me some good as well! Oh man I love God!!
Richie is the head of the camera and web streaming and creative stuff at the church – like the video announcements. When I told him I know all about it he was so excited! He said we could do some cool stuff together. So I will be learning about the video announcements – what it takes – and some editing stuff too! Oh man, I feel like I am going to come back with all these upgrades! You need to get the Hillsong CD! It’s so amazing! A new level of amazing! And this upcoming Friday Darlene Zschech will be at Kings Church. WOAH!! Man! God is awesome! Love it.

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